TangoSwap Docs

Trade, launch, stake, farm, invest, automate, build on the premier DeFi platform of smartBCH. Tango, Moves like Cash.

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Decentralized Finance

Trade without borders instantly. Fully open-source.

Built on smartBCH

5 second block times, low fees, truly decentralized. Be your own bank.

Deep Liquidity

Focus on gaining highest marketshare and providing best rewards to liquidity providers.

# Introduction

https://tangoswap.cash/ (opens new window)

# What is Tango?

Tango is a smartBCH exchange, and a suite of tools to help empower the individual. Our main product is TangoSwap, the exchange, which is based on the popular SushiSwap exchange.

The following documentation details the functional and technical aspects of the ecosystem products.

In order to partake in the Tango ecosystem, please join our Telegram: https://t.me/tangoswapcash

To interact with our products, please explore the links below:

SmartSwap (DEX Aggregator): https://tangoswap.cash/smart-swap (opens new window)

TangoSwap Exchange: https://tangoswap.cash/swap (opens new window)

Tango Yield Farms: https://tangoswap.cash/farm (opens new window)

TANGOBar Staking (xTANGO): https://tangoswap.cash/stake (opens new window)